It is the mission of Homes of Opportunity, Inc. to provide services/supports to individuals by improving the quality of their lives, by enhancing their levels of independence and integrating them into their communities. Homes of Opportunity Inc. is contracted for residential services with Macomb - Oakland Regional Center and Community Living Services. We are also contracted for Vocational Services with Community Living Services, all throughout the tri-county area.



Homes of Opportunity, Inc. has been providing services/supports for over 23 years to adults who are developmentally disabled to improve their quality of life and assist with integrating them into their community. All of our residential settings are integrated in the community, which offers individuals an opportunity to make friends with their neighbors, employees who work at local stores and other people in the community. Homes of Opportunity, Inc. provides transportation for each individual for all medical/dental needs as well as any other outings or activities of their choice (i.e. Church, shopping, dances, etc...). We provide staffing supports for assisting with cooking, cleaning duties, laundry and many other areas which the individual may need assistance. Homes of Opportunity, Inc. utilizes satisfaction surveys to identify the changing needs and expectations of individuals.