Vocational Opportunity Center also known as V.O.C. is a non profit organization who provides supports/services to adults who are developmentally disabled. Vocational Opportunity Center contracts with Community Living Services, Inc. (C.L.S.), Consumer Link and local school districts.

Person Centered Planning:

V.O.C. provides supports and services through individualized Person Centereded Planning. This process determines the supports and services the individual wants and needs to achieve their desired furture outcomes. The individual is able to choose from availabel resources, the supports and services to be delivered and help decide who will do what, when and how. Changes can be made by the individual as needed to make their services more effective.

Quality Services:

V.O.C. uses Satisfaction Surveys to identify the changing needs and expectations of the individuals. Our Advisory Committee meets semi-annually to maintain the quality of services/supports and to discuss the changing needs of the individuals. We also have an Accessibility Committee which meets semi-annually to address challenges and barriers that may arise in the community or on the job.

V.O.C. Staff:

V.O.C. has compassionate and dedicated staff. All of V.O.C.'s staff must go through extensive internal training with the administrative personnel, and withing 30 days of the hire in date staff must go though a three week part I, Group Home training which was developed by The Michigan Department of Community Health. All staff are mandated to attend and receive annual training and snservices to assist with being kept up to date with the services/supports being provided to each person.